Modular Kitchen & Renovation

Modular Kitchen & Renovation

We will take your beautiful homes to a different level with the modular kitchens.As modular kitchens are customisable, These are gaining popularity in today’s time. Here, we present to you a whole new range of Modular Kitchens and its components, to make your home a beautiful paradise. We provide you Kitchen cabinets, L-shaped Kitchen, U- shaped kitchen, Straight Line kitchen, Parallel shaped kitchen & Island kitchen.

Jaipur realty has it all from modular kitchen designs to modular kitchen accessories. You can book/inquire for and expert by Jaipur realty for your Modular Design requirements.Jaipur realty presents the U-shaped kitchen with lavish storage space at the base and on the wall. Its stylish slab can also be used as a casual bar-styled dining table. This setting offers the option to use it as a serving space leading to the adjacent dining area

Kitchen Shapes
U-Shape kitchens, G Shape kitchens, L Shape kitchens, Single Wall kitchens, Parallel Modular Kitchens,

Acrylic, Manibates, Solid Wood, PU Coated, Membrane, Floral,

hob, counter tops, shelves, trolleys, baskets, microwave oven,

Traditional electric, designer, baffle filter, metal grease filter chimney

stainless steel kitchen sinks, Copper kitchen sinks, granite kitchen sinks

Hardware & Fittings
drawer handles, knobs, high-quality taps, pipe extensions,

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